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Adela non è la tipica ragazza di una commedia romantica. Hassan non è il gentiluomo di un film di avventura. Sylvia non è affatto una femme fatale. E Sofia non è quel che si dice la madre ideale. Quello che sono e quello che cercano… fa lo stesso?



trailer: Iguales?



Interview Javier de la Torre

Who are the members of the cast and how was your relationship with them?

The relationship was very good. We made four different rehearsals as we had four episodes with four actors using different methods.
With Aida Folch we searched something different from the fantastic though unpretentious roles she used to play. We needed a sophisticated yet funny atmosphere, we have worked hard, however, we finally hade fun after repeating scenes again and again. Until the moment she saw the film she was scared to death but she fulfilled our expectations thanks to her trust in us and her good job. Finally she has received the award as best actress at the Amore in Corto Festival in Terni, Italy. Wonderful!
La Prohibida is really something. She tries to be an actress because she feels it in her veins. She caught everything immediately and she achieved to play in a perfect harmonious way. She has a natural sense of acting beside she has long experience performing on stage. It was great that she sang the original soundtrack of the film with music composed by Nacho Martin, ex former of “Celtas Cortos”, is one electric song named “Bajo el Arco Iris” (Under the Rainbow).
I am speechless about Marta Fernández-Muro. She formed part of the “movida madrileña” being also a muse for Ivan Zulueta or Pedro Almodovar. Her work was spontaneous. She made a truthful interpretation of her character, a woman that you will not like from the first sight, offering us a tragic and also pleasant portrait of Sofia. Awesome!
Ernesto Arango is a very disciplined actor. Apart from doing films he has also worked in theater. Together we have created a character -Hassan- ambiguous but nice. He may seem exaggerated but attracts the audience with his great sense of humor.
We have the best supporting actors, Valentin Paredes, Ramon Esquinas, Mercedes Castro, Eduardo Del Olmo and Maria Jose Rodriguez, real LUXURY. Also Arturo Tejerina, journalist, who played a brief role as a waiter, he took it very serious because he was very professional. Unfortunately it was his last role because he passed away. A real pity considering he could play other interesting characters.

How was the production process?

We received money from the Regional Council of Madrid. But as we needed to start the shooting with urgency I decided to be the Executive Producer (that means the one who provides money) and stop depending on public or private helps. I lost money but the process was free and professional, concentrated in four days, one for each episode.
Financing the film was complicated but I hope it will help me to find investors for my future projects.
Shooting in four different places, with a 35 mm, with those special lights that work so well are expensive but worth it.

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