Heavy Girls

Heavy Girls
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Heavy Girls

Delizioso film girato quasi senza budget, in sole tre settimane di lavoro, con dialoghi quasi tutti improvvisati per conferire alla storia la massima naturalezza. Mentre lo guardiamo risulta impossibile pensare che ci sia una telecamera a riprendere. Sven vive con l’anziana madre Edeltraut che soffre di demenza. Trascorre tutta la sua vita con lei in un semplice appartamento dove condividono anche lo stesso letto. Durante la giornata Sven lavora in una banca e, mentre lui è al lavoro, a casa sua arriva Daniel per prendersi cura di Edeltraut. La porta dal parrucchiere, vanno a fare passeggiate, acquisti, e tiene in ordine l’appartamento. Ma un giorno, mentre Daniel sta pulende le finestre sul balcone, Edeltraut lo chiude fuori e scappa da casa. Disperati, i due uomini si mettono alla sua ricerca. Quello che troveranno non sarà solo Edeltraut, ma anche la scoperta di un forte sentimento reciproco, cosa che sconvolgerà la vita di entrambi.



trailer: Heavy Girls


Note di produzione:

“HEAVY GIRLS” was completed in just three months, from the original idea to the finished film. The film was shot based on a treatment, which defined the order and content of the scenes, the dialogues were improvised. In order to attain the greatest amount of creative freedom and authenticity, we intentionally shot the film without a crew and film team and with a simple Mini DV camera.


“… Family is also the topic in Axel Ranischs debut “Heavy Girls”, which was realized with the sensational budget of 517,32 € … however, it is great cinema! This story of a son, which lives with his dementia-suffering mother and falls in love with her male-nurse, was one of the definite highlight events of this festival. A wonderful wild but also tender film, full of absurd humor and magical moments. It’s been a long time since a gay love story was told that incidental and in such an unsexy way. The premiere audience rewarded this, almost on improvisation based film with an never ending applause. She has never seen such an applause at the Hofer Filmtage, the presenter said. But most likely she has never seen such a film as well….”
[ ‘ taz ‘ article frome 10/31/11 about the premiere ]

” … In the maybe most beautiful film of the feature film competition, the two main characters have to learn that life might offer other possibilities, than the way they are used to live. Which still doesnt mean that they will choose this way.
HEAVY GIRLS, a No-Budget-film, which is said to have been shot with only 517€ and some peanuts, is an inspiring piece of cinematic improvisation.
Like dirt and dust put in DV appears the look of intended shabby images and the outmoded tapestry and living-room-wall-unit-setting of the main location: Way too long Sven is living in the daily same and same, so that is life became outmoded as well. Lovingly he cares for his from dementia suffering mother, together with her male nurse Daniel. He lives with her and tries to make her sunset years as convenient as possible. When she dies, everything changes for him. Sven and Daniel get closer to each other – much closer then they have expected. At the end Sven chooses a way that was unthinkable for him at the beginning.
With the terrific performances of Ruth Bickelhaupt, Heiko Pinkowski and Peter Trabner, Axel Ranisch lights a wonderful firework of crude humor, charm and delightful storytelling.
At this film, three creative heads got rid of the pressure of convetions and just started to shoot. The result sends out rays of that freedom and takes its liveliness out of the personalities of the makers. …” [article “schnitt nov.2011”]

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