Ass Backwards

Ass Backwards
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Ass Backwards

Kate e Chloe, amiche per la pelle, si sono trasferite da molti anni a New York. Un giorno ricevono un invito per l’anniversario del concorso di bellezza cittadino al quale parteciparono da bambine, sfiorando la vittoria per un soffio. L’umiliazione per la sconfitta non è mai stata superata, e le due donne decidono che è giunto il momento della rivincita. Ass Backwards è uno scatenato e spassoso “buddy movie” al femminile con due protagoniste (June Diane Raphael e Casey Wilson, che hanno anche scritto il film) in stato di grazia, di volta in volta alle prese con un coniglio selvatico da salvare, un’agguerrita comune lesbica, uno strip club dove improvvisano un’esilarante esibizione.Da segnalare Alicia Silverstone nei panni di Laurel, l’ex rivale di Kate e Chloe “promossa” a giudice del concorso di bellezza. Per il suo lungometraggio d’esordio il regista Chris Nelson ha dichiarato di essersi ispirato alle prime commedie di Pedro Almodóvar e a quelle dell’accoppiata Blake Edwards/Peter Sellers. (Gender Bender)


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  1. Film spassoso, frizzante, per trascorrere una serata all’insegna dell’allegria e del disimpegno. Per certi versi richiama molto Romy e Michelle un vecchietto film con Mira Sorvino e Lisa Kudrow (la Phoebe di Friends). E poi c’e’ Alicia Silverston la mitica Cicci di Ragazze a Beverly Hills. Bei tempi ☺


trailer: Ass Backwards


“Ass Backwards” is an irreverent female buddy comedy about two childhood best friends who are pushing the age of 30 and not quite where they thought they’d be in life. When they run into their former beauty pageant nemesis, they decide to go on a road trip back home to recapture the pageant crown which eluded them as children. On the road, they face some hard truths about themselves and each other as they encounter spring breakers, strip clubs, a women’s militant group and their favorite reality star. This heightened comedic awakening leads us into an unforgettable third act finale that is the girls’ homecoming and final reckoning with their past, present and future. (Maya Entertainment)


“…What I liked about Ass Backwards was the consistency of the humor, and while not everything was laugh-out-loud funny, the entire film was amusing, with no real lows, or gags that didn’t work. I can’t say the same about a lot of popular comedies, but this is a success as far as that goes. The ‘woman only commune’ (I can’t think of a politically correct way of saying this), was my fav part of the film, and the way the girls have to leave a little earlier than anticipated. The pet rabbit, Andrew, was also a nice touch, and the film was filled with little ideas like that. Although not everyone will love this movie, I think the majority will, so kudos to the writing partnership of Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael. I believe this is their second turn in feature writing, but their first fully written effort, which hopefully isn’t their last.” (Ed Blackadder, Lead Entertainment Writer)

“…Ass Backwards is a film that is all-at-once hilarious, intelligent, poignant and accessible. While queer themes clearly infuse the entire narrative of the piece, this film refuses to travel under one label, reminding the audience that sometimes filmic definitions about queerness and women’s comedic value need to be evaluated on a whole other level…” (

“…Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael give it their all in front of the camera, but their comedic vibrancy is no match for their deeply pessimistic screenplay. There are a few admittedly funny moments—they have learned A-ha’s 1980s pop hit, “Take on Me,” from a defective compact disc that skips throughout, and sing it accordingly—but beneath the peppy surface is an ugliness difficult to shake. Chloe and Kate act nice to each other even when they’re saying catty things, and the constant smiles on their faces become supremely off-putting. Worse still, every female in a supporting role is either a gross stereotype or even nastier than they are. Their goal is to turn around their failures as kids and show their town that they are not the losers everyone thinks, but then the film continues to humiliate them. In the end, they succeed at nothing, physically assault guest judge Laurel while acting like little babies, and affirm to their pageant audience that they are losers. At least “Ass Backwards” has been fittingly titled. What is not so clear is what Wilson and Raphael were trying to prove. Their movie hates women.” (

“…June Diane Raphael and Casey Wilson are likable as Kate and Chloe. They do have great comic timing and have great chemistry together. Many of the situations they are put in feel forced and reeks of desperation for a laugh. The scene in the strip club is a prime example. It wasn’t funny at all. Much of the comedy relies on the audience suspension of disbelief. A situation comedy can illicit laughs because the situations are relatable. However in this film the leaps in logic will likely leave people shaking their heads instead of uncontrollably laughing. When it’s just the two of them the comedy is fine however when the comedy involves other characters it comes to a stop. Alicia Silverstone appears as a rival pageant queen, Vincent D’Onofrio appears as Chloe’s dad Bruce and Jon Cryer does someone a favor and plays a very unfunny stage coordinator. As Romy and Michelle and Harry and Lloyd have proven dumb can be funny. Raphael and Wilson had the right idea it’s just unfortunate that the low-brow humor just didn’t work. The film culminates at the beauty pageant from hell but oddly enough it’s the film’s final scene that upstages the entire proceeding. Perhaps it lost some of its impact because of scenes we’ve likely seen before in many other films. The two leads make it tolerable to sit through but there are far funnier things to do then spending a few hours with these ditzy beauty queens. It has its moments but nothing to brag about.” (

“…Unfortunately, the stops along the way in this road picture aren’t particularly interesting. They bunk at a camp for senior-aged feminists, stumble into a topless bar and have the obligatory scene in jail. The grand finale at the beauty pageant is devoid of any real tension, and the whole operation is shot on really crappy video. And yet! And yet! In each sequence, there is ample time allotted for Raphael and Wilson to do what God put them on Earth to do: Act hilariously dumb. Their reaction shots, physical comedy and timing are absolutely remarkable. There are only a handful of standout lines, but the way in which they deliver them is akin to a classical duet. To that end, “Ass Backwards” is something of a remarkable feat — I basically disliked the movie, but chuckled from beginning to end because of these two enormous talents. I think the way to go forward is this. We make sure Raphael and Wilson continue their partnership. We hope they get someone else to pitch in on the script, and they find a new director. With these elements in place, you can expect comedy gold. “Ass Backwards” can linger on out there, like an early EP of a band you love. It’s got one or two good tracks on there, but is best used as a reminder of where they came from.” (Jordan Hoffman,

“…But in all seriousness, Ass Backwards is more than a delight; it’s pure fun and lighthearted comedy with an edge. From Vincent D’Onofrio as Chloe’s dad who lost some money because his store that sold hats made to be worn backwards didn’t take off to Brian Geraghty as a rehabiliation reality show superstar, Chloe and Kate encounter plenty of colorful character on their road trip to reclaim their pride and confidence by competing in the Miss Neptune 50th Anniversary Beauty Pageant. It’s a road trip worthy of National Lampoon or Planes, Trains and Automobiles with two John Candy’s. If Ass Backwards is the breakout hit that it deserves to be, then there has to be more in store for Chloe and Kate, two characters that feel like they have been in Wilson and Raphael’s backpocket just waiting to be unleashed. Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael prove they are great as a comedy duo and also as leading ladies, not to mention as fine screenwriters. Ass Backwards is a testament to the always growing presence of female comedians with wit and sharpness that rivals some of the male dominated laughs that end up on TV and film. Sure it’s fun to see Seth Rogen or Jason Segel ham it up on the big screen, but these ladies need their own spotlight. If Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar are the Kings of Aurora, then Chloe and Kate are the Queens of New York, which sounds like a pretty good title for a sequel to me.” (Ethan Anderton,

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