The Newtown Girls

The Newtown Girls
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The Newtown Girls

Dall’Australia una serie web tutta lesbo, in dieci parti, un po’ dramma e un po’ commedia, con al centro le disavventure di Scarlet, una ragazza determinata a trovare il vero amore nella bizzarra scena queer di Newtown. Se solo riuscisse a capire cos’è che realmente vuole! Scarlet torna a casa dopo un anno passato nel Sud Est asiatico e con un cuore spezzato. Deve riprogrammare tutta la sua vita e per questo ha pronta una lista delle cose di cui ha bisogno per essere felice, tra le quali, in prima fila, la ricerca di un nuovo vero amore. Quando si presenta davanti alla porta di casa della sua migliore amica Alex, questa non sembra accoglierla con le braccia aperte. Ma Scarlet non si demoralizza e poco dopo sono entrambe in sella, non senza complicazioni, per l’ambizioso programma. S’inizia col cercare un lavoro, cosa relativamente semplice, soprattutto se paragonato all’altra ricerca, quella dell’anima gemella. Poi dovrà confrontarsi con i tipici ostacoli generati dalle sue ex fidanzate, le immancabili gaffe, le advance inattese. Riuscirà a trovare quello che sta cercando o pretenderà di essere quello che in realtà non è, col risultato di continuare ad essere una perdente? La serie ci conduce oltre la semplice trama narrativa per esplorare l’universalità dell’amore e dell’amicizia, portandoci all’interno delle stravaganze della comunità queer, espressione della ricchezza della condizione umana. Senza tralasciare momenti di puro divertimento.


2 commenti

  1. 🙁 uff…a me sto finale non è piaciuto…ma proprio per niente!!! troppo “politicamente corretto”…dai…chi è che sceglierebbe lexie (noiosssa e faccia da ebete) e non alex (taaanta roba)???…come prevedevo…nessuna mano alzata -.-
    …ehm…non è cheee…………………….si potrebbe cambiare? 😀

    alex team

    p.s.: certo che veronica è una gran gran…graaaaaan GNOCCA!…e secondo me nella seconda serie (xkè…una seconda ci sarà, eccome se ci sarà!)…ci scappa qualcosina 😛


trailer: The Newtown Girls


Scarlet is a girl determined to find true love in the quirky queer scene of Newtown. If she could only figure out what it is she really wants! The Newtown Girls is a 10 part dramedy web series in which Scarlet must delve into the depths of dating drama in order to find her true soulmate. Scarlet returns to the ‘scene’ after years of absence to confront the typically-lesbian obstacles of ex-girlfriends, fashion faux pas, romantic advances from authority figures and a complicated relationship with her long-time best friend, Alex. Will Scarlet find what she is looking for or will pretending to be someone she isn’t result in her losing everything? The Newtown Girls shies away from the political-driven narrative to explore the universality of love and friendship and takes the audience on a journey through the quirkiness of queer communities and into a collective appreciation of the human condition. And we hope you’ll laugh a little too!



Episode 1 – “I’m Home”

Scarlet arrives home after spending a year in South East Asia mending a broken heart. Not only is she back, but she knows exactly what she wants. In fact she has a list, of all the things she needs to be happy, including finding her soulmate. When she shows up on her best friend Alex’s doorstep she isn’t exactly welcomed back with open arms. But this doesn’t deter Scarlet who drags Alex into helping her track down and tick off the items on her list. And it all goes to plan – at first. While finding a job isn’t that hard, finding your soulmate is a whole other story.

Episode 2 – “Dress up”

Things are going well for Scarlet, she’s over her jet-lag and she’s even managed to tick a few things off her list. She’s enjoying work at the bookshop, she’s found a yoga studio close to home and she’s set up her twitter account. However, she’s not having much luck finding her soul mate. So Scarlet does what any lesbian in her situation would do, and turns to her best friend for help. Having always found it difficult to say no to Scarlet, Alex reluctantly gives her the details for a private party that night. Scarlet arrives at the party all dressed up and ready for anything, however, as usually happens where Scarlet’s involved, things don’t quite turn out as planned.

Episode 3 – “The Justin Bieber Look”

Still reeling from the “Xena incident”, Scarlet’s found it difficult to keep up the pure, healthy, Zen lifestyle she vowed to live on her return to Newtown. It takes a drunken epiphany for her to realise that her body is a temple and she has to treat it as such. She also realises she’s not going to find her soul mate falling asleep on the couch after too many. Her soul mate’s out there, she just has to find her. But first thing’s first. Before she can do anything else, a new look is in order.

Episode 4 – “The Puppy Episode”

Minus the Justin Bieber wig, Scarlet jumps online to try and find her soul mate, but an empty inbox tests her patience. She wants to do something and she wants to do it now. And then it hits her – lesbians love dogs! If she can get her hands on a dog, the girls won’t be able to stay away. She manages to find a dog but not only does it come with an unwanted guest, it’s not exactly the chick magnet she thought it would be.

Episode 5 – “Juicy”

Scarlet asks Alex to be her wingman for the evening, at Newtown’s inaugural lesbian book club, but Alex is somewhat sceptical of the potential for picking-up. Hoping to impress, Scarlet is hastily trying to finish the book on time, but as the hours tick down the task becomes that much more difficult. Meanwhile Alex is not impressed with Scarlet’s new ‘health-kick’ purchase or her ‘lingering-like-a-bad-smell’ ex-girlfriend. Will the book club be the key to Scarlet finding love? Scarlet certainly hopes so!

Episode 6 – “Balls!”

The book club went well and Scarlet made some new friends, but alas there were no love connections made (for her at least). With an updated online-dating profile, she is already getting a stack of hits; as it turns out lesbians like sports, which now Scarlet likes too! But her next adventure into the world of digital dating leaves Scarlet lost and delirious. Will Scarlet risk life and limb to find the woman of her dreams or will faking sporting interests be her demise?

Episode 7 – “It’s a Date”

So it turns out that chicks do dig scars… or maybe just cute women in distress! Now that Scarlet has recovered from her minor head wound she is looking to make lemonade from lemons and seize her opportunities. She has got herself a hot date (the first one in over a year) and she’s pulling out all the stops. She’s determined to make a better second impression but can she pull it together enough to just enjoy herself, or will she over-think things, as usual?

Episode 8 – “Super Green”

It seems envy is in the air for everyone but Scarlet, who is still on a high from her new romance with Dr Lexie. Scarlet’s loving the lovin’ feeling, but Alex isn’t thrilled with this sudden and Scarlet-typical move. Will Scarlet heed her friend’s advice or will tensions flare between the two best friends? Meanwhile Kym discovers secrets that could threaten Alex and Scarlet’s friendship forever, but now that she has this knowledge, what will she do with it?

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