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Serie documentaria scelta per inaugurare il nuovo canale americano (e canadese) Viceland (di Vice Media), sotto la direzione creativa del regista Spike Jonze, specializzato in documentari e reality. A condurre questa serie-reality sono stati chiamati l’attrice dichiarata Ellen Page e il suo grande amico Ian Daniel che girano il mondo con l’obiettivo di esplorare la cultura LGBT, mettendone in rilievo difficoltà e conquiste. Ricordiamo che Ellen Page, attrice diventata famosa per ottimi film come Juno, To Rome with love, Freeheld, ecc., ha fatto un coming out nel 2014 con un esaltante discorso durante una conferenza di Human Rights Campaign, e da allora è sempre in prima fila nella battaglia dei diritti LGBT, come dimostra anche questo suo film-doc. Ogni episodio di Gaycation è ricco di interviste e testimonianze a personaggi della comunità LGBT e di altre figure ad essa correlate (nel bene e nel male). La prima stagione, messa in onda a marzo 2016 (già rinnovata per una seconda), inizia a New York City con Page che intervista Ted Cruz, importante politico USA, repubblicano, intervista diventata subito virale (gli episodi sono scaricabili sul web subito dopo la loro messa in onda). La prima stagione si compone di 4 episodi, dedicati rispettivamente a Giappone (dove si mette in rilievo l’ambiguità che circonda la tematica omosessuale), Brasile (si evidenzia come sia difficile per la comunità LGBT vivere in un Paese che ha il più alto tasso di omicidi di persone LGBT), Jamaica (Paese noto per la sua omofobia, s’indaga per capire come viene percepita la comunità gay) e USA (vengono sottolineati i grandi progressi ottenuti dalla comunità gay in questi ultimi anni). Il primo episodio della seconda stagione, in onda il 24 agosto 2016, cerca di capire come sia stato possibile e cosa significhi il tremendo attacco al nightclub gay Pulse di Orlando. Tutti gli episodi sono disponibili sul sito dedicato (


Follows Ellen Page and Ian Daniel as they set off to explore LGBT cultures around the world. From Japan to Brazil to Jamaica to the USA, the two meet some fascinating people during their travels and hear their stories.



trailer: Gaycation


Review by Devin D. O’Leary (

“Gaycation” is a fine example of Viceland’s house style. Its host, Ms. Page, is known mostly as an indie film actor (Hard Candy, Juno, Super). She’s also a self-professed vegan, atheist and feminist. In 2014 she came out as gay during a speech at the Human Rights Campaign’s “Time to Thrive” conference. With “Gaycation,” she joins her best friend Ian Daniel traveling the world and seeing how gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people live. The show has a touch of the usual travel show gloss, with the hosts gobbling local cuisine, going to parties, visiting the beach. But it’s got a much more serious undercurrent.
In Brazil, for example, Ellen and Ian attend Carnival. Brazil has an extremely high percentage of openly “out” LGBT people. During Carnival you can’t go more than a block without spotting a group of scantily dressed transsexual revelers. However, Brazil also has one of the highest homophobic murder rates on the planet. In between cruising gay bars, Ellen and Ian talk to the families of murder victims and even quiz a former police officer who casually claims to have killed dozens of gay people. This is not, it must be noted, the happiest of vacations.
Whether they’re in Brazil or Japan or Jamaica, the hosts encounter vibrant, happy, tightly connected communities of gay people. As one person points out, “If you think you live in a place with no gay people, you’re wrong.” Sadly, however, no country is without its ingrained prejudices, fears, hatreds. To their credit, Ellen and Ian do their best to dig up and directly confront these sociocultural struggles. “Gaycation” will open your eyes—but it probably won’t put you in the mood to travel.
Page, who narrates each show, makes for an interesting host. Dressed mostly like Beaver Cleaver, she comes across as curious and crusading. But she’s also quite shy in real life. Watching her dodge the advances of various intoxicated women at lesbian bars around the globe is rather entertaining. Like a lot of Vice’s “correspondents” Ellen and Ian are somewhat unschooled in traditional journalism. This makes them open-minded and considerably unjaded. At times, however, they’re clearly in over their heads.
“Gaycation” is a sometimes uneven mixture of LGBT travel boosterism and reality-confronting journalism. If it occasionally fails to balances the light and the dark in equal measure, it at least gets points for approaching its topic with empathy and intelligence.

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