Stu Maddux

Stu Maddux
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Stu Maddux

40, has been producing television for more than twenty years. He has garnered numerous honors including six regional Emmy awards. While his credits include documentaries for VH-1, and The Learning Channel, Bob and Jack’s 52-Year Adventure is his first venture into independent filmmaking. “We’re just a small operation here, but; I can’t remember it being this rewarding. By putting all this lower-cost/ high-quality equipment in the hands of people with years of creative experience, we’re starting to see some great stories that never managed to get the ‘green light’– and they are amazing.”

Before starting his company, MAD STU Media, LLC in 1996, Maddux was an anchor and reporter in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism and lives with his partner of two-years in Los Angeles, CA.

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