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J.t. Tepnapa
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J.t. Tepnapa

J.T. Tepnapa is an internationally award-winning filmmaker who has also appeared in many plays, features, shorts, and commercials. Judas Kiss is his first feature film. In 2001, he directed, wrote, and starred in his first short film, Sunflowers. He followed up with Masturbation: Putting the Fun into Self-Loving, a parody of 1950s health education films. It went on to become a smash hit, screened and distributed worldwide. Skilled in writing both comedy and drama, J.T.’s screenplay, Outing Joey, received top honors in Rhode Island’s Barren Branches GLBT Screenplay Competition. Competition coordinator Adam Short described it as a “twist on contemporary gay and straight stereotypes bringing perspective to the tension between these two groups.” For eight years, J.T. appeared on the Web’s longest-running drama series, Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, where he played openly gay Lieutenant Commander Corey Aster. He also plays the role of Mr. Sulu in the Hugo-nominated Web series, Star Trek: Phase II, winner of TV Guide’s Online Video Award for Best SciFi Series.

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