Encyclopedia of Gay and Lesbian Popular Culture
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  • Editori Greenwood

Encyclopedia of Gay and Lesbian Popular Culture

This small volume contains less than 100 articles on topics in gay and lesbian popular culture. Although there is no precise definition used to establish the term popular culture in the introduction, following John Storey’s definitions in his book Cultural Theory and Popular Culture (Univ. of Georgia, 1998), the articles fall into the area of mass-consumption culture. The entries consist predominately of biographies, with a few articles discussing television shows, movies, and some other forms of entertainment. There are a few British biographical entries, but Americans comprise the largest part of the book. Although author Prono explains his selection criteria in the preface, it is not clear what makes David Leavitt, William Condon, or Agnes Moorehead, who are all the subjects of entries, inherently more important in gay and lesbian popular culture than Jim Grimsley, Ang Lee, or Bette Davis, who are not. Articles are followed by a list of secondary sources. Cross-references will take a browser to another related article. A brief index is also helpful in directing the reader. Most academic libraries will not find the need to purchase the title, as biographical articles can be found in standard titles like Completely Queer: The Gay and Lesbian Encyclopedia (Holt, 1998), Encyclopedia of Gay and Lesbian Histories and Culture (Routledge, 1999), or even The Queer Encyclopedia of Film and Television (Cleis Press, 2006). However, it is a useful and easy-to-use resource for public and high-school libraries. (Steve Stratton)



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