101 Must-See Movies for Gay Men
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  • Editori Advocate Books

101 Must-See Movies for Gay Men

In this comprehensive must-have guide to queer film, Advocate deputy arts and entertainment editor Alonso Duralde presents 101 films that will resonate soundly with gay audiences for reasons good, better, and outrageous! Whether it’s Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (for redefining the idea of a movie hero), Mommie Dearest (for making Joan Crawford campier than she already was), or Two for the Road (because some-times you have to glean insights about gay relationships from straight movies with great banter), Duralde brings a quick wit, a gift for analysis, and a lifelong love affair with the -movies to each film recommendation. Along the way, he even outs Casablanca as a gay love story! In addition to analysis as to why these films matter, each capsule review also contains production notes, cast and crew credits, and DVD/VHS availability.



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