Where the Bears Are

Where the Bears Are
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Where the Bears Are

Sicuramente una delle serie web gay di maggior successo, che ha il pregio, dopo ogni stagione, di venire pubblicata in un arricchito dvd. Nata, come molte webseries, dal talento e dall’energia di un gruppo di amici, ciò che l’ha contraddistinta sin dalla prima stagione è stata l’attenzione alla qualità sia tecnica che artistica. Frutto dell’abilità dei tre creatori (anche produttori, registi, attori, ecc.), Joe Dietl (The Thin Pink Line), Ben Zook (Jack and Jill) e soprattutto Rick Copp, talentuoso scrittore dai crediti televisivi sterminati (Brady Bunch, Scooby Doo, e il cult gay The Golden Girls) nonché autore di vari romanzi comici (dalla serie “The Actor’s Guide to” pubblicata da Kensington a Celebrity Zombie Killers). La serie ha vinto il premio 2012 come Miglior Serie Web Gay, assegnatole dal prestigioso sito Afterelton.com, ed ha raccolto finora più di dieci milioni di visite. La serie è centrata sulle disavventure di tre orsetti gay, Nelson Dorkoff, Reggie Hatch e Wood Burns, che convivono in quel di Los Angeles, iniziate con la scoperta di un cadavere, trovato nella loro vasca da bagno la mattina dopo una festa per il compleanno di Nelson (mentre nel letto di Nelson viene trovato Hot Toddy, un vivissimo giovane orsetto). Scoperto che il morto si chiama J Cub e che si tratta di un omicidio, i tre amici vengono subito sospettati, mentre iniziano a loro volta una indagine per scoprire il vero colpevole. Intanto Hot Toddy chiede a Nelson di iniziare una storia… I tre autori hanno dichiarato che dopo anni che lavoravano nel mondo dello spettacolo si sono stancati dei continui no che ricevevano dagli studios, così, spiega Rick Copp, “mentre stavamo bevendo un cocktail nella mia vasca da bagno a Palm Springs, nel fine settimana della festa del Ringraziamento, abbiamo deciso di elaborare un progetto da soli, tutto nostro. Io avevo titolo e soggetto già in testa da parecchio tempo, e ho pensato che eravamo perfetti anche per interpretarlo. Io ho scritto diversi romanzi gialli e credo che una serie web composta da brevi capitoli poteva essere lo strumento giusto per avvicinare il pubblico. Non doveva essere solo una storia di uomini grossi e pelosi e dei loro amori, ma ogni stagione doveva centrarsi sulla risoluzione di un omicidio”

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Bear Down
Roommates Nelson Dorkoff, Reggie Hatch and Wood Burns wake up the morning after a blow out party at their house to find a hot young bear cub in bed with Nelson and a very dead body in their bathtub.

Bear in Mind
The bears have trouble remembering the dead guy in their bathtub from Nelson’s birthday party the night before while Nelson’s gorgeous young trick Hot Toddy starts acting suspicious.

Goldicop and the Three Bears
A sexy detective (Chad Sanders) shows up at the house to question the bears about the body in their bathtub, and it quickly becomes clear the roommates will be suspects if J Cub’s death is ruled a homicide.

Bear Essentials
When the Bears receive word that J Cub’s death has been ruled a homicide, they start investigating on their own and find an important clue the cops missed. Meanwhile, Hot Toddy shows up and asks Nelson out on a real date.

Bear on a Couch
Wood seeks out his high school prom date who is now Los Angeles County Coroner Susie Collins to find out how J Cub died and is startled to learn that Susie is still harboring feelings for him.

Bears of Interest
The bears work hard to clear their names before they’re arrested by following the trail of the poison that was found on J Cub’s martini glass. Meanwhile, Reggie and Wood question why Nelson’s new boyfriend Hot Toddy seems to be too busy to be interviewed by the police about the night of the murder.

A Bear and Honey
Nelson pays a visit to Honey Garrett, the chef who catered his birthday party, and manages to upset the shooting of her reality cooking show before finding out some very disturbing news about Hot Toddy.

Bears in Heat
The Bears track down Hot Toddy to Elysian Park where they’re forced to endure an incredibly intense Boot Camp Training exercise class before finally questioning him about the night of the murder.

Bear Fan
After studying a cell phone video from the night of the party, the Bears hunt down a party crasher who turns out to be a fanatical fan of Wood’s from his Colt modeling days, but who also has a key piece of information about the murder.

Bear Cam
While questioning Wood’s obsessive fan George Ridgemont, Nelson and Reggie discover that Wood has his own web cam show, and while watching a live feed, are shocked to see a masked intruder ransacking their house.

Bear on a Stage
Nelson is forced to return to his old acting class to question his arch nemesis and former comedy duo partner Dickie Calloway about his thorny relationship with the murder victim and the two wind up in an improv stand off.

Bear Reunion
Reggie and Wood reunite with an old friend, drag queen Jackie Beat, who witnessed J Cub having an intense fight with his date, a local bar owner, during one of her performances the night before his murder.

Bear on a Date
Nelson (Ben Zook) plans the perfect date with Hot Toddy (Ian Parks), a romantic meal on the back patio, but he can’t help sabotaging the entire evening by continually bringing up Todd’s connection to J Cub’s murder and his obvious reluctance to talk to the police. J Cub: Julio Tello.

Bear Facts
Nelson ignores mounting suspicion surrounding Hot Toddy, and convinces Reggie and Wood that the person they should be focusing on is Ramon Santiago, the owner of an LA leather bar, who had a rocky relationship with the murder victim.

Bears Undercover
The Bears go undercover as a bouncer, a patron and a contestant in a bear chest contest at an LA leather bar in order to get close to Ramon Santiago who might be guilty of murder.

Mr. Bear Chest 2012
While Nelson (Ben Zook) competes in the Mr. Bear Chest 2012 contest hosted by Hot Toddy (Ian Parks), Reggie and Wood search for clues implicating Ramon Santiago (Mario Sanchez) in J Cub’s murder.

A Bear in Need
Wood tries talking his way out of a whole lot of trouble when Ramon catches him with the combination to his safe written on his hand. Meanwhile, Reggie gets grabbed by Ramon’s thug Thor.

Wood sets out in search of Reggie unaware that he has been kidnapped by Ramon and his two goons Hulk and Thor, who want to trade him for some dangerous evidence that could send Santiago to prison.

Bears to the Rescue
Nelson and Wood enlist the aid of Detective Chad Winters (Chad Sanders) when they set up an exchange in a remote parking lot hoping to get back Reggie (Rick Copp) who is being held hostage by Ramon (Mario Sanchez).

Stand Up Bear
When the Bears follow a lead to a comedy club to question comedian Bruce Daniels (playing himself) about his run-in with the murder victim, Nelson (Ben Zook) decides to dust off his stand up act with disastrous results. Comedian Shawn Pelofsky also appears as herself. Reggie: Rick Copp. Wood: Joe Dietl.

Bear Fight
Tension between the Bears over Hot Toddy’s involvement in J Cub’s murder reach a boiling point resulting in Nelson choosing his new boyfriend over his two best friends.

Bears in the Desert
While Reggie and Wood frantically search for a missing Nelson, Detective Chad Winters shows up at the Bears’ house with the smoking gun that connects Hot Toddy to J Cub’s murder.

Bear Devil
A romantic weekend in Palm Springs is disrupted when Nelson starts to suspect his roommates were right about Hot Toddy all along, which results in a final confrontation that leads to violence.

Bear Trap: Part One
Reggie and Wood arrive at the Palm Springs condo to rescue Nelson, but their friend is nowhere to be found because he is about to become the killer’s next victim during a frightening desert showdown.

Bear Trap: Part Two
Reggie and Wood arrive at the Palm Springs condo to rescue Nelson, but their friend is nowhere to be found because he is about to become the killer’s next victim during a frightening desert showdown.

Christmas Special
Nelson, Reggie and Wood throw a Christmas party at a bar since no one would show up at their house after a dead body turned up in the bathtub last summer. Complications arise when Nelson picks a fight with his new boyfriend Hot Toddy, Reggie tries out his mistletoe hat and Wood deals with a mysterious Santa Claus who shows up unannounced. And the party goes downhill from there.

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