We Are the Night

We Are the Night
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We Are the Night

Film sotto le aspettative, interessante per qualche divertente dialogo ma con personaggi solo abbozzati. Lo stile richiama molto Sex and the City. La 18enne Lena è afflitta. La sua vita quotidiana è noiosa. Una notte si reca in una discoteca underground situata in un parco dei divertimenti abbandonato a Berlino. Mette gli occhi su una bellissima donna, che in verità non è solo una donna: Louise è infatti la leader di un branco di vampiri. L’attrazione tra le due donne è reciproca, e Louise è decisa a possedere Lena. Lena scoprirà così un mondo dove tutti i vampiri maschi sono stati uccisi perché troppo stupidi e le donne hanno preso il potere e sono inarrestabili. Lena capirà a proprie spese che diventare una vampira può essere una fortuna ma anche una maledizione…


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  1. AnitaBlake

    Il film sembra una bozza, la trama è povera e per nulla coinvolgente. Tre L sono decisamente troppe, visto che l’unica lesbica convinta è Louise. Certo, si inizia parlando di una società utopica di sole donne, ma in realtà tutto quello che appare è l’attrazione che Lena ha per l’eroico poliziotto… Sinceramente non merita.


trailer: We Are the Night


Who doesn’t like lesbian vampires? Lets celebrate Friday the 13th with one of the best vampire films you’ll ever see! 18 year old Lena is trouble. Her home life is terrible. One night she sets off to an underground disco at an abandoned amusement park in Berlin. She catches the eye of a beautiful woman, but not just any woman: Louise is the leader of a vampire pack, and she wants Lena. In world where all male vampires were killed for being too stupid and the women are powerful and unstoppable Lena unfortunately falls for Louise soon learns that being a vampire is both a blessing and a curse.

The most interesting things are dialogs. Another is that even when vampires are only women and there is a lot of lesbian innuendo; the movie is far from exploitative. There is no feminine nudity, no sexual scenes and a very PC moral message (here, nobody is happy to be a vampire). Even violence in the movie is more suggested than shown (there are a few brief strong scenes ; but mostly for the surprise effect ) . Lena, a minor delinquent is converted by Lena; an old bored vampire looking for her great love. Louise has two other vampires girlfriends; all living like “Sex and the City” in Berlin. An excess of glamour and luxury just to cover their empty lives. Lena is not very happy with her unwanted changes; particularly because she has a certain interest in a policeman; something forbidden by Louise for two reasons; he does not want men and even less policemen. There is not much more happening. The first act is strong but after Lena conversion, the second act looks extracted from “SEX AND THE CITY”. The drama could have been really interesting if we knew something about each woman; but aside from a few dialogs and little back story about one of them; the others are pretty much a mysteries nobody cares to solve. The third act is more action driven and it is very effective with just the necessary amount of special effects in order to get things realistic. In brief; it is not a bad movie; but considering it comes for the country that re-invented cinema and the vampire genre; it is below expectations. (Abisio, Imdb)

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