Two Mothers (2013)

Two Mothers (2013)
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Two Mothers (2013)

Il matrimonio tra Katja e Isabella procede a gonfie vele: le due donne sono felici e si amano come non mai. Ben presto il desiderio di maternità si fa spazio dentro di loro: entrambe sanno che la nascita di un figlio completerebbe la loro unione. Scopriranno, come molte altre coppie lesbiche, che persino nella civile Germania quello che dovrebbe essere un diritto può assumere i contorni di un incubo. Dopo aver ricevuto numerose risposte negative da altrettante cliniche d’inseminazione, dovranno iniziare un trattamento costoso e con scarse possibilità di successo. La scoperta di un sito su cui poter scegliere un donatore, per poi impiantare il seme, rappresenta un’inattesa speranza per le due donne, sempre più in crisi. A Katja e Isabella non rimane che iniziare a selezionare il padre di loro figlio, valutando le richieste spesso onerose di alcuni di loro. Ma è davvero ciò che vogliono entrambe? Dramma teso e claustrofobico, reso ancora più efficace dalla fotografia livida. (TGLFF)



trailer: Two Mothers (2013)


KATJA (43) and ISABELLA (37) decide to beget a child. The married couple agrees on not wanting a third person to have a say The sperm, not a father. Like many lesbian couples in Germany they have to find out that the road to a common child is much harder than expected: Most of the sperm banks and fertility clinics do not offer treatment for homosexual couples because of legal purposes. After finally finding a doctor who is willing to offer very expensive inseminations for lesbian women, the fertilization does not work for months. Katja wants to quit the treatment while Isa suffers more and more because of the failures and the bad financial situation they are getting in. However Isa can not give up and finds a trader who sells utilities with which one can inseminate oneself at home. Thousands of men are offering their sperm for money on his website. A casting for potential donators begins which endures over several grueling weeks. In this time Katja discovers that Isa is willing to betray their pact as well as their relationship in order to fulfill her wish of becoming pregnant. As they finally meet GO FOR GOLD (31), who already fathered 20 children in three years and who demands regular contact with the emerging child, Isa makes her way and ignores Katja. Go for Gold ejaculates in a cup and Katja injects Isa the longed-for white gold.

Motivazione della Giuria per il Premio “DIALOGUE en Perspective” alla Berlinale 2013:

“The jury found Anne Zohra Berrached’s entry Two Mothers not only compelling in its aesthetic form but also in the profundity of its content and authenticity. With its subtle use of colour and the genuine performances of the two protagonists, the film took a very gentle approach to a political issue without trying to politicize it. Through its outward form and the outstanding direction of the many non-professional actors, the film gives a very convincing portrait of a difficult relationship between two women, and their desire for togetherness and family. With intelligence, the director finds a way to open up a new perspective between the classic genres of documentary and fictional film, one in which both forms have a place and merge.”

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