Time to Spare

Time to Spare
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Time to Spare

Quando la sorella Molly, di vent’anni più giovane, va a vivere con l’egocentrico fidanzato, per il quarantenne Maarten tutto cambia: come colmare il vuoto lasciato? Il bell’Arthur, a cui fa la corte, sarebbe la soluzione ideale, ma il giovane non sa decidersi. Anche la vita di coppia di Molly non è del tutto risolta, tra tradimenti e una gravidanza inattesa. Ma dietro l’angolo una prova ancora più difficile li attende. Un’agrodolce commedia degli errori, spiritosa e sagace con un finale a sorpresa. (TGFF)


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  1. thediamondwink

    Mi è piaciuto molto, “forte” ma divertente in alcune scene, il personaggio principale (finalmente) non è un super-zio-figo
    fotomodello, ma qualcuno che potrei davvero trovare nel vicino di casa. Il racconto è ben sceneggiato e alla fine risulta difficile non affezionarsi ai personaggi del film. Voto 8


trailer: Time to Spare


When Molly, the 21 year-old sister of Maarten, departs the family home, she leaves her older brother with empty nest syndrome. But it also opens up new opportunities for him, such as the possibility to explore his love for Arthur, a closet gay. Molly and Maarten wrestle with their personal relationships and also their relationship with one another, but fate nevertheless seems determined to strike them both down. (Imdb)


This at first sight already obviously is one big melodramatic movie but that doesn’t always necessarily has to be a bad thing of course. There are still good melodrama’s that work with all of their characters, emotions and dramatic developments but I’m afraid that this movie just isn’t one of them.
Before a conflict gets properly developed it gets resolved again already and a new problem for the characters arises, almost immediately after that. You also have to realize that this all happens in the time span of about 90 minutes. Far too short for all of the themes and problems that this movie wants to handle. It especially all starts to become too much in its last half hour. Because of this, all of the emotions and drama fall kind of flat. Not just within its final 30 minutes, in which everything gets wrapped up too fast and desperately but also, to some less extend, within the rest of the movie.
A real shame, since the movie starts off promising enough. It looks like s skilfully made movie and also the actors give us all that they got. This movie is some real wasted potential in that regard, that never reaches the level that it was all too obviously aiming for. It was an ambitious project but in its attempts to reach its goals and the level it was aiming for it totally looses its focus. It tries to do and achieve far too much, as if the film-makers were afraid to cut some of the movie or leave some stuff out of the script. You could perhaps ‘blame’ it on the inexperienced director and writer Job Gosschalk, who had never directed or wrote a movie before this one. He is a good visual and actor’s director but he still needs to learn how to effectively tell a story and how to make it all work out within a movie.
I surprisingly enough still really liked the acting and even though the characters don’t really work out on an emotional level, they still remain good characters that are also likable ones, that carry the movie. Fore the movie is one that heavily relies on all of its characters and is also filled with lots of dialog and interaction between all of the characters. Yes, even Paul de Leeuw is totally convincing in a non-comedy related role for a change. Some wasted potential. (Boba Fet, Imdb)

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