Seeing Heaven

Seeing Heaven
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Seeing Heaven

Nonostante il basso budget, questo primo film del regista Ian Powell, è un interessante e sexy thriller dalle atmosfere inquietanti. Racconta la storia di una giovane marchetta tormentata da inquietanti incubi che possono diventare realtà. Quando sei un ragazzo bellissimo, capita che spesso qualcuno è tentato di usarti e magari di ferirti. Questo è anche quello che crede Paul, un giovane escort desiderato da tutti. Paul non ha problemi a vendere il proprio corpo al miglior offerente, almeno fino a quando questi resisteranno. Infatti Paul, mentre fa sesso, ha delle visioni del fratello gemello perduto da molto tempo, visioni che trasferisce spaventosamente sui clienti. Quando non è preso dai suoi stratagemmi, l’infelice Paul si mette alla ricerca del fratello gemello che fu separato da lui quando era ancora piccolo. Attraverso una serie di fortunati incontri, Paul trova Baxter, un regista di porno col perenne desiderio di girare dei veri film. Siccome Paul pensa che suo fratello potrebbe lavorare nell’industria del porno, accetta di fare un film porno se Baxter in cambio lo aiuterà a ritrovare suo fratello. Ma il suo ingresso in questo mondo diventa sempre più intenso e potenzialmente pericoloso per gli eccessi sessuali, le visioni degli incubi, e l’inatteso potere dirompente di un amore che lo sconvolgerà… Un adattamento moderno del Ritratto di Dorian Gray e una accattivante escursione nell’industria del porno e degli escort britannici.


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trailer: Seeing Heaven


A beautiful young escort, Paul, suffers from trip-like dreams he doesn’t understand. These visions are shared by his clients, both scaring and exciting them. Paul is searching for his twin brother, whom he hasn’t seen since childhood, and hooks up with enigmatic film director John Baxter. Desired by everyone but lost to himself, Paul is persuaded to make one adult film, which will help him discover himself, and in the process find his twin. But the journey he goes on is a dark one, involving dangerous clients, an unscrupulous rival producer, and unsafe sex. In discovering his true past, Paul is in danger of destroying himself.

“Selling your body doesn’t mean selling your soul”

A young and exquisitely beautiful escort, Paul, is desired by everyone who comes into contact with him but lost to himself. Paul has a rare gift, apart from his beauty. When he has sex with his clients, he experiences overwhelming visions that put him into a transcendental state. Sometimes, his visions are shared by his clients, both scaring and exciting them.

Alive to his senses, Paul’s visions show him a beautiful World, but there is darkness bleeding through. In his dreams, Paul often glimpses his brother Saul, his identical twin, from whom Paul was separated when he was but a child. Paul is convinced that Saul is in trouble, that he has also got into escorting, and that he is being pursued by a dangerous client who cannot let go.. CRITICA:

Paul seems to project all his own fears and desires onto this client, an unfathomable black coated figure, in a white mask.
Paul must lose himself in sex in order to have these visions and find out more, but every time he is with a client he gives up a little bit of his soul. Beaten up by a client who has seen inside his dreams. Paul is rescued by Zhivago, a barman who offers to introduce him to porn director, John Baxter, one of the regulars at his bar. Paul doesn’t get close to Zhivago, saying that he can’t love anyone right now. He keeps his distance because the sex that causes him to trip is rougher and more dangerous. Stealing Baxter’s business card, Paul goes to the director’s flat.
Like Paul, Baxter is searching for something beyond the normal. In his case it’s the wish to make a mainstream film that transcends reality. Sensing that he had found his muse in Paul, Baxter agrees to help him find Saul, but only if he appears in his film. Baxter reasons that if Paul discovers himself through the project, it will help him find his brother. He asks Don’t you want to live for ever Paul? like Dorian Gray, on film at least
Electing to sleep in the studio where Baxter shoots his films, Paul hears noises from elsewhere in the building and increasingly dreams of the alternative World inhabited by his brother and the man in the mask. The space is also used as a painting studio by Griffin one of Baxter’s models and another young escort with whom Paul falls a little in love. One night, Paul discovers a painting that intrigues him, and one which he has seen in his dreams. It is a reinterpretation of the story of Narcissus, which shows a boy bewitched by his own beauty but also haunted by a dark, looming figure.
Atone of Baxter’s parties, Paul is introduced to DeLeon, a sinister producer, working for the studio that finances Baxter’s films. Deleon also becomes obsessed with Paul, and his gift. After trying, to no avail, to persuade Baxter to shoot bareback films, he encourages Paul to shoot without condoms as a way of experiencing a purer vision, and thus seeing more clearly into this other World.
Frustrated by his lack of progress in finding his twin, and disturbed by his dreams, Paul goes on a bleak journey of drugs and rough sex, in an attempt to deaden his senses and fill his soul.
Paul is betrayed by the sweetest of Baxter’s models, and is tricked into one final porn shoot. There, Paul will discover his twin’s true identity and will come face to face with the man in the mask. Inspired by the heightened sensuality of the films of Michael Powell, and by the red and green hued gialli of Mario Bava, but born of a context where safer sex is increasingly becoming marginalized and forgotten, Seeing Heaven makes a case for the primacy of the body alongside that of the spirit. (zivojin, Imdb)

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