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Un uomo norvegese ed un immigrato clandestino arabo si ritrovano sotto lo stesso tetto. L’affetto, la solidarietà che avevano spinto il primo a soccorrere il secondo saranno gli stessi motivi della cattiveria, della follia di un perfido abbandono.




In this trilingual, but mainly English work, writer and director Magnus Mork weaves a soulful story around the emotive themes of use and abuse, if not trust and betrayal, along the way skilfully blending his profound narrative with the basic human need for company. For Knut is a lonely, middle aged homosexual in need of friendship, a wish that comes his way courtesy of an accidental hit but no run, one that results with Knut taking wounded Mirza into his home, namely an illegal immigrant in search of food, shelter and work. Both men have desires. Yet will their union be the answer to their individual needs? For that is the issue at hand here, one of civil union, given Mork has Knut offering marriage to Mirza as a means of fulfilling his desire for a long-term companion and Mirza’s need to stay legally in Norway. Only who’s using who here? Winner of the coveted 2010 IRIS Prize, Mork surprisingly opts for an ending that I dare say is not going to please those who like neat and tidy conclusions. Rather the ambiguous end reel will leave many questioning as to why Knut acted the way he did, that of a good Samaritan, or perhaps not? (

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