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Questo film di Thunska Pansittivorakul è il ritratto romanzato di se stesso e del suo attore feticcio Panuwat Wisessiri. La sceneggiatura è stata discussa tra i due ed entrambi si sono messi nel ruolo di se stessi, rendendo impercettibile il confine tra riprese dietro le quinte, come fossero di repertorio, e le attuali riprese. La cinepresa riprende il corpo di Panuwat mentre dorme, fa la doccia e si rilassa. Thunska e Panuwat giocano a Jenga, con pezzi rossi, gialli e blu, simboli dei diversi gruppi politici tailandesi. Il precedente film del regista, “This Area Is Under Quarantine”, era però molto più politico (e per questo venne proibito). Reincarnate è inteso dal regista come una forma di protesta contro la legge tailandese del 2009 che, tra tanti altri tabù, proibisce il nudo frontale. Naturalmente il film non ha passato la censura. Apichatpong Weerasethakul è coproduttore del film. Il film è pieno di bellissime e poetiche immagini. Nel finale vediamo Panuwat che mette alla luce una figlia, significando l’ambiguo desiderio di abbandonare il proprio corpo.



trailer: Reincarnate


Director’s note

August 2009, Kingdom of Thailand has issued a law forbidding films with these contains from screening in the country: 1.Affect the royal institution and constitutional monarchy 2.Insult or bring disgrace on religions. 3.Cause disharmony among the people. 4.Affect inter-state relationship. 5.Concern sexual intercourse. 6.Contain a scene of sexual activities in which sexual organ is shown. Moreover, the Board of Censorship can order for cuts or ban a film that against morality, subvert the nation, and affect the security of the nation.

In a way this might be troublesome for commercial filmmakers. But for me this is a chance to do something I have been worried that I would never be able to do because I know that I can’t compromise with the latest censorship law anymore. Whatever you do, you can be judged that you are going against moral standards or sabotaging your own country. Meanwhile the politic situation has split us into many sides. Each side is only interested in its advantage. All of these give me hindsight that whatever happens right now is the collective consequence of our past. Not only it can’t be removed, it is also harming our people and spreading wider and wider that it can’t be easily brought to an end.

I don’t usually have faith in fortunetellers. But there is one thing that many of them told me likewise, that is ‘If you want to be lucky in love, you must behave nicely with your mother.’ Every time I thought, ‘If that’s the case, then I’d rather be single than making up with my mom.’ The memories of my mother hardly have something pleasant. The first thought about my mom is how she always moves things in the house until I can’t remember where things are. She always forces me to eat all the healthy food like Chinese medicines, soups, herbs and fruits. What I really can’t stand is how she keeps her eyes on me every step I take. Even in the darkness, I find myself startlingly wake up and see her eyes staring at me. The worse part is one day I find all the behaviors of hers that I hate so much in myself. I too, do that to everyone I love exactly like her.

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