Push On

Push On
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Push On

Gillian viaggia con le ceneri di sua madre, Sadie è un’autostoppista diretta ovunque. Una strada in mezzo al nulla è lo scenario per l’incontro di due solitudini.




PUSH ON is a short film that fuses the road movie and western genres to create a mood of isolation and solitude. The style is highly influenced by the western and aims to use tropes and themes of the genre to tell the story of Gillian, a young woman on a journey to spread her dead mothers ashes and Sadie, a lone hitchhiker on the road to anywhere.

Gillian and Sadie are the western heroes of PUSH ON. Gillian is full of strength, purpose and duty on her mission but not without the vulnerability of human emotion. The first half of the film focuses on Gillian and her interaction with the space around her in moments of complete isolation. This changes when Sadie appears and they are both forced out of their comfortable solitude. Neither woman is able to fully communicate as a result of their prolonged isolation. Yet in the few moments they share together both Gillian and Sadie find peace and comfort in the sharing of space.

Partially funded by the Fotokem Grant,
PUSH ON is the first year film of MFA candidate Lares Feliciano. She is currently in her 2nd year at San Francisco State University where she has another short western in development.

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