Noches de espera

Noches de espera
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Noches de espera

Sorprendente  co-produzione  Spagna/Portogallo,  un’opera  prima  a  super   basso  costo  che  oscilla  tra finzione  e  realtà,  vincitore  tra  gli  altri  di  una  menzione  speciale  al  FesIval  Zinegoak  di  Bilbao  nel  2013. Aitana, Pierrick, Rita e Jorge hanno vent’anni e cercano il modo di sentirsi meno soli nelle notti di Madrid.
Aitana è una ragazza dolce e intrappolata nel corpo di un uomo; Pierrick è un ragazzo gay francese e carino; Rita non si occupa di Carolina e sta spendendo la sua vita senza nessuna aspettativa; lo spacciatore Jorge è incastrato in una relazione senza futuro, quella con Maria.
In un mondo di droghe, sesso, partner molteplici e sessualità diverse, Noches de espera segue le storie individuali di questi quattro giovani.
Un ritratto candido di quattro relazioni altamente caricato di erotismo, dall’inizio alla fine, e raccontato senza barriere tra finzione e realtà. (The Open Reel)



trailer: Noches de espera


Aitana, Pierrick, Rita and Jorge are all in their twenties and all look for ways to make their nights in the city of Madrid a little less lonely. Aitana is a sweet girl trapped in a men’s body; Pierrick is a cute French gay; Rita doesn’t much care about her partner, Carolina, and walks through life with no expectations; Jorge is trapped in a relationship with no future: the one he has with Maria. Set against a background of drugs, sex, multiple partners and differing sexualities, Longing Nights follows the individual stories of these young people. A candid portrait of four relationships highly loaded with eroticism from beginning to end. Four stories told without no borders between fiction and reality. (The Open Reel)


Anyone who has ever walked down the Gran Via in Madrid, will have noticed its colourful street life. This film takes you into the lives and homes of some of the people you might see wander down its aligning streets. We follow a straight couple, some gays and lesbians, and a transvestite prostitute over the course of one night and see them go about in their nocturnal pursuit for sex, love, money and drugs.
The general aesthetic of the film is somewhat shabby, but that is not to say the film comes across as dark and depressing. The joyous ambiance of Madrid seeps through no matter what situation the characters are in. It’s the adventure of the city at night, the strangers one can meet, the escapades one can relish, the companionship one can strike up, the emotions that can run riot without repression. Yet, the price to pay for all that, is the risk of danger and loneliness. The film shows it all without judgement. (Imdb)


If you’ve been craving a film that weaves together sadness and sex, then I’ve got a perfect flick for you.
Up-and-coming filmmaker Tiago Leao’s Longing Nights is short on actual story and yet compensates for this shortcoming with an abundance of sexcapades courtesy of a quartet of lonely sad sacks in Madrid including Aitana, whose choice to occasionally have sex for money is high-risk stuff, Rita, a lesbian dissatisfied with her partner, the attractive Pierrick, who longs for love but settles for sex, and Jorge, whose relationship with Maria is just plain miserable.
Are you depressed yet?
The film’s unique structure, I guess sadness and sexuality is considered unique in artistic circles, led to some success on the film festival circuit before Longing Nights was picked up for distribution by QC Cinema, the LGBT distribution arm for Philly-based indie distributor Breaking Glass Pictures. It’s a terrific home for the film as Breaking Glass does a nice job of marketing niche’ films and tough to sell titles.
There’s really no doubt that Longing Nights is a niche’ film and has an audience with those who have a taste for uniquely expressed films about the not so tender side of human sexuality. While the scenes are graphic, we’re not talking about porn here – we’re simply talking about the side of human sexuality that often remains unspoken. (Richard Propes,

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