Love Is In the Air

Love Is In the Air
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Love Is In the Air

Una notte come tutte le altre. Daniel, Lina, Stefan e Teresa hanno l’energia dei sedici anni. Ma al sorgere del sole, le loro vite cambieranno per sempre. Daniel è innamorato di Lina, ma Lina è perdutamente innamorata di se stessa e della rock star Niklas Ravn. Teresa è disposta a offrire la sua verginità a Stefan, ma Stefan si interroga se uscire allo scoperto e dichiararsi a Daniel, che però è interessato a Teresa. Son cuori matti, matti da legare. Un musical romantico, sorta di pop pastiche scandinavo presentato al Festival di Berlino e diretto dal danese Simon Staho, dove quattro adolescenti si giocano sogni, desideri e sentimenti in una sola, straordinaria notte. Dancing and singing, love is in the air. E chi vuol esser lieto sia… (Festival Mix Milano)



trailer: Love Is In the Air


Anything can happen and will happen in this romantic musical where four teenagers risk their feelings and dreams in the space of a single, extraordinary night. Daniel, Lina, Stefan and Therese are sixteen years old. They are the best of friends and are on their way out for the night. It is a night like any other and yet a night like no other before. When the sun rises, their lives will be forever changed. Daniel is in love with Lina, but Lina is hopelessly in love with herself and rock star Niklas Ravn. Therese is willing to offer Stefan her virginity, but Stefan would rather come out of the closet – to get closer to Daniel. But Daniel is much more interested in Therese. (Imdb)

“…This movie is expressionistic in a way I haven’t seen before. Imagine a mixture between ‘Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari’ and ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’, and then you’re not even close. Wonderful. The music fits the film perfectly, although I thought there were too many different song in the beginning. The sets and costumes are plain brilliant. But most of all… Even though I’m not an easy laughter, this movie made me laugh continuously. Me and the rest of the audience, for I far as I could see, had a smile on our faces which lasted for the course of the movie….” (Imdb)

Perhaps the defining moment in the shallow, self-indulgent musical “Love Is in the Air” comes when a gay teen tells his best friend that you can tell you’re in love if a girl farts in your face and you still want to be with her. In his seventh feature, a pastiche of Scandi pop that pretends to say something profound about affairs of the heart, Danish helmer-writer Simon Staho (“Heaven’s Heart”) provides the cinematic equivalent of letting one rip. Odds are that even hardcore Staho fans will steer clear.
Essentially a four-hander filled with annoying single-trait types rather than fleshed-out characters, the pic unfolds with minimal action during one long night in various oddly empty urban settings, garishly decorated with colored filters and kitschy digital effects; think “One From the Heart” crossed with “Moulin Rouge.”
Recently bereaved Daniel (Gustav Hintze) is obsessed with self-involved thrush Lina (Emma Sehested Hoeg), a blatant opportunist. Also aiming to get laid is Therese (Victoria Carmen Sonne), who offers her virginity to closeted Stefan (Anton Honik), but he’d rather pleasure himself with photos of Danish footballer Michael Laudrup.
Sporting elaborate, anachronistic costumes and carnivalesque makeup for no apparent reason, the four lip-synch and romp to a selection of bouncy tunes that supposedly express their sexual frustration and desires. Dialogue is negligible, full of vulgarities and often delivered in a shout.
Although there’s little to like or admire about selfish, sociopathic Lina, Hoeg’s full-bore performance reps the pic’s best element. A talented musician as well as a thesp, the blonde beauty sings her own songs and delivers a withering putdown with the panache of Paprika Steen.
A wink-wink widescreen homage to musicals of yore (the credits refer to “MusicalScope” and “Popovision color”), the cotton-candy craft package relies extensively on f/x. Rapid-fire cutting, grotesque camera angles and varied motion speeds make the film play like MTV on steroids.” (Alissa Simon, Variety)

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