Lesbiana - A Parallel Revolution

Lesbiana - A Parallel Revolution
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Lesbiana - A Parallel Revolution

Dal movimento femminista degli anni Settanta è nata una rivoluzione parallela. La filmmaker Myriam Fougère ci porta in un viaggio fra scrittrici, filosofe e attiviste lesbiche che hanno svolto un ruolo chiave nella creazione di una sorellanza rivoluzionaria. Da Montréal al Texas, passando per New York, incontriamo lesbiche che hanno scelto di vivere solo tra donne, dando vita a un movimento internazionale che torna qui alla luce attraverso girato d’archivio, fotografie e interviste evocative con queste pioniere coraggiose. Tra le intervistate Nicole Brossard, Marilyn Frye e Lise Weil. (SPC 2012)



trailer: Lesbiana - A Parallel Revolution


A parallel revolution was born out of the feminist movement of the 1970’s. Filmmaker Myriam Fougère takes us on a journey to meet the lesbian writers, philosophers and activists who were key players in creating a revolutionary sisterhood. From Montréal to Texas, by way of New York, Myriam encounters lesbians who chose to live only among women. This marginal yet international movement is brought to life through archival footage and photographs, and evocative interviews with these courageous women, many of whom are now in their seventies and eighties.
In the wake of the civil rights, the anti-war and the feminist movements, there was a groundbreaking wave of activism, both personal and political in nature, which changed the face of modern feminism. “A Parallel Revolution”, uncovers and re-members this rich and flourishing culture that was evolving in numerous cities and small towns throughout the western world.
This clandestine movement was based on a simple yet radical idea: invent a new way of life entirely centered on women. Many of the key players were already dedicated feminists, who had fought for years for the rights of women but did not feel welcome when they started to claim their lesbian identity. They discovered that their love for women gave rise to totally new and unique ways of understanding, loving and relating to each other and the larger world. A vibrant, productive lesbian culture came to life through those innovative lesbians, who created physical and cultural spaces in which to live, meet, discuss and organize this parallel revolution. They created literature, films, music, theatre and a new body of political and philosophical theory, inspired and strengthened by their radical analysis of the world that encompassed their reality.
This era of change and transformation lasted roughly fifteen years. From 1975 to 1990, numerous lesbian communities were established in diverse countries, riding the wave of a new collective consciousness based on women-loving-women. During the 1980’s, there were thousands of lesbian books and magazines being published, as well as numerous public spaces where lesbians could meet and celebrate their culture: libraries, concert spaces, galleries, bars, and restaurants. This same period saw the development of many festivals established to promote and celebrate women’s culture. Since the 1990’s, many of these public spaces have disappeared. Women’s bookstores have closed and festivals folded to the extent that very few exist today.
“A Parallel Revolution” is a testimony to this unique moment in history when the lesbian movement was at its strongest and brightest. More importantly, the film is a tangible recording of this unprecedented historical moment, before modern queer and LGBT culture, where lesbians redefined the world according to their own values and vision. The film documents this unrecorded revolution and creates an important legacy for modern feminists and lesbians alike. (sito del film)

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