Jess & James

Jess & James
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Jess & James

Jess è un adolescente bohemian costretto a nascondere la sua omosessualità a dei genitori che non capirebbero. Per di più la convivenza con un’irritabile madre gli è ormai insopportabile. Dopo un felice incontro occasionale, nasce una storia con James. Insieme decidono di partire per un improvvisato viaggio attraverso la rurale Argentina con l’intento d’incontrare il fratello sconosciuto di Jess. Durante il viaggio fanno curiosi incontri, compreso un breve rapporto a tre, che li aiutano a conoscersi meglio. La loro relazione diventa sempre più profonda mentre scoprono un nuovo modo di essere, liberi e felici… Un road movie adolescenziale alla scoperta del sesso e della felicità, un viaggio verso la maturità compiuto tra i mitici paesaggi delle Pampas argentine, a volte fin troppo insistiti.



trailer: Jess & James


Jess is a bohemian youth with secrets to hide from his shrewd parents. James feels trapped living with his irritable mother. After meeting for a sexual encounter, the two young men set off on a spontaneous road trip across rural Argentina to reunite with Jess’ estranged brother. On their journey, they confront strange occurrences and engage in a ménage à trois affair that brings them closer. Their newly found affection grows, all while discovering a fresh vision of freedom and happiness. JESS & JAMES is a sexually charged road-trip movie, a love story, and a coming-of-age tale, set against the mythical landscape of the Argentinian Pampas.


Two young guys hook up and decide to go on a road trip together, eventually bringing a third into their strange little relationship. In a film like this, you go in with the expectations that it’s either going to be really artistic and beautiful, with a lot of gorgeous, sweeping, epic cinematography—in rural Argentina, no less—or else it’s going to be really sexy: lots of skin, some gratuitous nudity, maybe a flash of peen. The premise is one that has great potential, one way or the other. The reality is something that’s not quite one or the other, and not quite satisfying on either account.
Jess & James, written and directed by Santiago Giralt, has plenty going for it. The boys are beautiful, as is the landscape they travel across. The titular Jess and James, having just met, embark on a rebellious road trip together, with Jess eventually revealing that he wants to visit his estranged brother. The film is well acted with some lovely moments, but some elements are undeniably dissatisfying. From a technical standpoint, the soundscape is distracting more often than not; the cinematography, while sometimes taking advantage of the gorgeous landscape and beautiful men, often feels frenetic or disjointed—a steadier gaze with a more cohesive aesthetic would have worked wonders.
A fellow filmgoer I chatted to afterwards commented that the sex, too, was unsexy. An interesting idea, and I’m actually of the opinion that unsexy sex portrayed in films is more exciting because it better reflects sex in real life—messy, sweaty, awkward and uncomfortable more often than not, let’s all admit it. The first sex scene featured a rutting Jess and an emotionally vulnerable James. The next, the brief, in terms of plot, ménage à trois, was shot in such intense darkness that the audience couldn’t even tell what they were seeing for most of it—a problem exacerbated by the fact that Jess and James look very similar.
The film as a whole could have been tighter and more refined but instead had a lazy, wandering quality. Maybe this would have been all right if it felt like it arrived somewhere, but another filmgoing companion summed it up perfectly when he said that during the movie, he was sitting there trying to figure out what the titular Jess and James wanted, where they wanted to go.
This may sound unduly harsh, because I actually didn’t hate the film, but I wanted more from it. You need a road trip to eventually end up somewhere satisfying, whether it’s a beautiful destination, or finding some closure, or something else. Jess & James made it halfway without ever really getting there. (Mychael Lyons,

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