Insects in the Backyard

Insects in the Backyard
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Insects in the Backyard

In mancanza dei genitori, Johnny (15) e Jennifer (17) sono stati cresciuti dalla loro “sorella” più grande Tanya, una transgender che veste in modo vistoso, mangia e fuma troppo, causando grande imbarazzo ai due bambini. Una famiglia atipica con una situazione densa di problemi che si sviluppa in un crescendo di tensione inesplosa e di surrealtà filtrata con il quotidiano. Tanya, ossessionata dalla propria sessualità, e ignorata per i suoi sforzi, si annienta in una disperata solitudine. I ragazzi trarranno dalle loro delusioni amorose linfa per un cambiamento, ma a caro prezzo. Interpretato dalla stessa regista transgender, il film è stato vittima dell’ennesimo caso di censura a Bangkok. (Togay 2011)



trailer: Insects in the Backyard


In the absence of their parents, Johnny (15) and Jennifer (17) are being brought up by their “big sister” Tanya, an overdressed transvestite who eats and smokes too much and causes both kids endless embarrassment. It’s a situation ripe for problems (actually, more complicated than I’ve made it sound), and Tanwarin’s debut feature – as director, writer and star – explores those problems with unbridled determination. Both kids mess up their pursuit of romance, in the ways that teenagers do, and both look for ways to break away from the family home and become independent. For Johnny, this entails going into male prostitution, which is as much an attempt to erase his own self-esteem as a way of earning some fast bucks. Jenny makes other mistakes, but both of them wind up deeply dissatisfied. And Tanya? When Johnny catches her trying to seduce one of his buddies, things start to go downhill for her too. (Tony Rayns, Imdb)

Il film vietato in patria con multa salata anche per chi acquistasse il dvd

Articolo da del 24/12/2010

“The controversial gay film, ‘Insects in the Backyard’ has been banned for good in the Kingdom, after the rating committee under the Office of National Culture Commission gave its final decision a couple of days ago.
Culture Minister Niphit Intharasombat disclosed that the rating committee insisted on its former verdict to ban ‘Insects in the Backyard’, as it is a disruption of national order and public morals, according to Article 29 of the Film Act 2008.
Thirteen of the 21 member rating panel ruled against ‘Insects in the Backyard’, while only 3 ruled in favor of the film.
There were three abstentions and one no vote.
In addition, those caught selling or buying the DVDs may face a fine of between 200,000 baht and one million baht, according to Article 78.
News reports claim the DVDs are currently available at shopping centers like Pantip Plaza and Khlongthom.
To voice strong opposition against the verdict, the Association of the Thailand Film Directors, Chairman Songyot Sukmak anant, burned DVDs of this film and held a cremation in parody.
The director, Thanwarin Sukhaphisit, complained that she spent two years in production and really had a great time, but now she feels like a terrorist, adding that the film represents her viewpoint without intention to harm society.
Thanwarin is able to file an appeal with the Appeal Court as stipulated by law.”

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