Inflatable Swamp

Inflatable Swamp
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Inflatable Swamp

Attraverso alcune scene di nudo esplicito Inflatiable Swamp esplora con la grazia di uno sguardo attento e deciso, l’intimità fisica fra due uomini. Matt, un omosessuale vicino ai trenta tormentato dalla difficoltà di conciliare desiderio erotico e sentimenti, scopre, con l’arrivo di Luke, come sia possibile che gli imperativi del cuore assecondino quelli della carne. (Togay 2011)




INFLATABLE SWAMP is a short film that explores gay male psychical intimacy, with some explicit nudity scenes. Matt, a gay man in his late twenties, navigates the lonely intersection of carnal sex and human closeness. With the arrival of Luke, a new man in his life, he finds a way to reconcile pleasures of the flesh with the new aroused imperatives of the heart. (Imdb)

In a short film in which clothes for the lead are not required, writer and director William Feroldi shines his spotlight on homosexual intimacy in the form of Matt; a gay man in his late twenties who has a unique way of remembering the men in his life and yes, there’s a clue in the title. Only in a work heavy in full frontal photography, Feroldi’s cinematic style notably differs to the like of Julián (Broken Sky) Hernández and others who showcase male nudity with such homo-eroticism. Thankfully into a raw mix, Feroldi takes time out to promote the safe-sex message, along the way adding a nice touch at the end, one that gives rise to the question of whether there could be more to Matt’s latest liaison, than just sex. Only if there is a connection, then it is between the two men and certainly not with the audience, in this laconic testament to the naked desire for human contact.(

With a surreal touch, promising filmmaker Feroldi makes this simple little film surprisingly haunting. It centres on a young guy who doesn’t bother putting on clothing in his London flat in between sexual encounters. He catalogues each man with a blue balloon in his bathroom, as he bathes and prepares for the next wordless, soulless encounter. Then something happens right in the middle of sex that forces him to see another man as a human being. Quiet and observant, Feroldi shoots and edits with a telling attention to the tiniest detail, minutely observing the features of this man’s life, which has been stripped of all personal touches. It’s a vivid little film that constantly surprises us, and the clever, sexy ending not only leaves things tantalisingly open to interpretation but leaves us with a haunting question: “What would it take to break the mindless patterns in my life?” (

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