Fuck for Forest

Fuck for Forest
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Fuck for Forest

Il provocatorio titolo di questo interessante film (scopa per la foresta) non è altro che il nome di una Ong con sede a Berlino che ha come unico obiettivo quello di raccogliere fondi per cause ambientali utilizzando la sessualità umana, sia etero che omo. Il film racconta le gesta di un gruppo di neo-hippies, militanti della suddetta Ong, che uniscono l’amore libero con la missione di salvare il pianeta. Per raggiungere questo obiettivo sono entrati nel business eco-porn, che produce e distribuisce online film erotici amatoriali, costituiti essenzialmente da corpi nudi (sia in interni che in esterni) che si amano e masturbano liberamente. I protagonisti sono volontari avvicinati con eventi o manifestazioni varie che possano attirare l’interesse del pubblico. Solitamente una su dieci delle persone che si avvicinano aderiscono attivamente. Il film non è focalizzato solo su questi eventi o sulle nudità, ma è interessato a mostrarci la vita di gruppo, le varie dinamiche che avvicinano tra loro le persone e le differenti motivazioni che li hanno spinti ad aderire. Leona Johansson e Tommy Hol Ellingsen sono i fondatori di questa Ong, convinti assertori della libertà sessuale e della priorità ambientalistica. La regia segue con insistenza anche le gesta di un nuovo membro dell’associazione, il bel norvegese Danny DeVero, che ci è sembrato assai più interessato alla promiscuità che alle finalità alternative del gruppo. Veniamo anche a sapere che questa Ong ha già raccolto più di 400 mila dollari e che li sta impegnando per venire in aiuto di una tribù indigena del Perù che abita una parte sacra della foresta pluviale. Questi indigeni non sembrano però essere riconoscenti, anzi dimostrano di non fidarsi per niente di loro. Cosa che ha portato il gruppo verso una riflessione, forse non ancora sufficiente per comprendere la complessità del problema, anche a causa di una scarsa conoscenza delle questioni e della politica ecologica dei membri del gruppo. Verso la fine del film vediamo Danny che visita alcuni rifugiati palestinesi e cerca di convincerli a fare una manifestazione completamente nudi, ma questi gli rispondono: “Sai quante guerre ci sono nel mondo e tu pensi che sia sufficiente mettersi nudi?”



trailer: Fuck for Forest


Berlin’s Fuck For Forest is one of the world’s most bizarre charities. Based on the idea that sex can save the world, the NGO raises money for their environmental cause by selling home-made erotic films on the internet. Meet Danny, a troubled soul, as he accidentally discovers this exuberant, neo-hippy world where sexual liberation merges with global altruism, and joins their already colourful operation. From the streets of Berlin to the depths of the Amazon, together they are on a planet-saving mission to buy a piece of forest and save the indigenous peoples from the sick, sick West.


“[The] breakdown between cultures makes it excellent viewing” – Little White Lies
“A breathtakingly bonkers doc’” – The Mirror
“It’s very amusing stuff” – The List
“[A] curious, entertaining documentary” – The Guardian
“An intriguing delve into one of the most obscure of charity subcultures” – Screen
“Plenty of genuine commitment and heart… Definitely worth a look.” – Twitch
“Michal Marczak strikes gold” – Variety
“A fascinating, timely film.” – Time Out Film
“Startlingly effective” – The Daily Beast

“Sex sells, but what can it buy? That’s the intriguing question behind the fittingly explicit documentary “Fuck for Forest,” which portrays members of the eponymous, Berlin-based activist coterie that sells homemade pornography online in order to raise money to save the planet — or at least its rainforests.
Sex sells, but what can it buy? That’s the intriguing question behind the fittingly explicit documentary “Fuck for Forest,” which portrays members of the eponymous, Berlin-based activist coterie that sells homemade pornography online in order to raise money to save the planet — or at least its rainforests. Polish director Michal Marczak has the good sense to let these colorful neo-hippies mainly speak for themselves, and strikes gold when an actual trip to Amazonia doesn’t quite yield the expected visions of ecological ecstasy. Dogwoof will release the pic in the U.K. In April; other liberal territories could follow.
The docu starts in Bergen, Norway, the hometown of 23-year-old former horse-riding champ Danny, who soon moves to Berlin as a new FFF recruit. One look at the site’s owners, caught naturally and spontaneously by Marczak (who does his own filming), and it’s clear each member is a grandchild of the hippie or hipster movement. Their interests include radically changing the world, using mind-expanding narcotics, and wearing oft-extravagant, secondhand attire (when they’re actually wearing something, that is). Their libidos are as unbridled as their hair is abundant, on their heads and elsewhere.
As the pic moves from Norway to the German capital, a fuller picture of the colorful clique and its m.o. emerges from well-edited footage that features practically no talking heads, but simply follows the FFF gang. Founders Tommy Hol Ellingsen and Leona Johansson are still going strong, starring in the website’s erotic-to-hardcore photos and videos and, like the handful of other members, recruiting random passersby for guest-starring roles. FFFers claim that 10% of the people they approach are interested in appearing in pornographic material for a good cause, and the business model has clearly paid off, with the website earning well into the six digits (according to one comment in the film).
What these self-proclaimed eco-sluts want to do with all that money is clear, and at the same time vague. The big idea is to protect the eponymous forests, but how exactly they can turn their cash into the desired ecological miracle is not entirely obvious.
The film’s second half follows the FFFers into the Amazon, where they visit indigenous peoples in Colombia and Peru and try to find out what they really need (this after a surreal Skype call in which a man offers them about 74 acres of tropical woodland for a million dollars, and FFF seriously considers the offer). Without spoiling anything, the locals’ needs turn out to be more complex than can be solved by several youngsters showing up with a big bag of money.
It’s in these scenes that scribe-helmer Marczak (“At the Edge of Russia”) manages to turn the pic into something more than just a portrait of a few idealistic nuts who hope to right all the world’s wrongs by simply giving in to the desires of the flesh; the eye-opening quality of the trip is what lends the docu its pleasing, scorpion-like sting in the tail.
Technically, “Forest” is in tune with the characters it portrays without sacrificing image or sound quality. (Boyd van Hoeij, Variety)

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