Breaking Through

Breaking Through
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Breaking Through

Tammy Baldwin è la prima senatrice lesbica a essere stata eletta negli Stati Uniti. La sua vicenda è simile a quella di tanti altri politici americani GLBT, come la prima giudice transgender di Houston e uno sceriffo lesbica di Dallas che, per accedere a cariche pubbliche, hanno dovuto confrontarsi, in maniera sovente drammatica, con l’omofobia e l’incomprensione che li circondava. Spesso con risultati inaspettati, grazie alla loro determinazione e, anche e soprattutto, alla loro autenticità di fronte ai propri elettori. Le loro voci, le loro storie in un documentario in cui il dolore e la vergogna lasciano finalmente spazio alla speranza e al progresso civile. (TGLFF)



trailer: Breaking Through


In BREAKING THROUGH, openly LGBT elected officials – including the first openly gay US Senator, Tammy Baldwin – share their stories of self-doubt and triumph over multiple barriers, revealing a deeply personal, rarely-seen side of politicians and gay people. As they show what is possible, they give hope to struggling people from all walks of life. (Imdb)

These are stories of courage and triumph. Stories that need to be heard.
Openly LGBT elected officials at all levels and from across the country – including the first gay US Senator, Tammy Baldwin – share their stories of self-doubt and triumph over multiple barriers ranging from race and poverty to gender and sexual orientation, revealing a deeply personal, rarely-seen side of politicians and gay people.
Tho’ featuring politicians, it isn’t about politics: it’s about people who feel fear and shame, yearning to live meaningful lives. They reveal how they broke through internal and external barriers to achieve the future they envisioned and by showing that “anything is possible,” they impact and inspire people from all walks of life.
Despite whispers, smears, and even physical threats, they beat the odds and now serve openly and effectively. But how did they achieve their goals, and at what personal cost?
In Breaking Through, openly LGBT political leaders reveal why they were compelled to run for public office and how they faced and overcame fear, stereotypes and personal attacks.
As they offer their vision for the future – one in which being LGBT is no longer an obstacle – they offer encouragement to anyone who struggles with feeling “less than” or different, regardless of the reason, and reaffirm for those in doubt that life’s possibilities are limitless.
A documentary on confronting the demons that stand in the way of living life fully, told by those who ran openly LGBT campaigns – and won.
In this feature-length documentary, openly LGBT elected officials tell their stories of self-doubt and triumph, revealing a deeply personal, rarely seen side of politicians and gay people.
While each had unique barriers to overcome – including alcoholism, poverty and racial prejudice – they shared similar feelings of fear, shame and doubt when they came out and later decided to run for office.
In Breaking Through, they describe the conflict they experienced between the barrage of anti-gay messages they were forced to confront and their desire to live open and fulfilled lives.
First they broke through internally – by daring to believe something different than the negative messages they were told about themselves. Then they broke through externally – as they pursued and achieved the future they envision. Their triumphant stories demonstrate how these LGBT leaders learned to be authentic and achieve their dreams – even in the rough and tumble world of politics.
Their stories are complemented by interviews with religious and cultural leaders who have helped shape public opinion, and with political and human rights activists who provide historical context.
As these openly LGBT elected officials share their stories of living fulfilled lives, they bring hope to others still struggling to embrace all of who they are.

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