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Toccante ritratto di una adolescenza difficile, tra bullismo omofobico, madre ostile, solitudine e il desiderio di scoprire e vivere la propria sessualità. Momenti di vita non facili, che molti omosessuali, in questo caso una giovane lesbica, hanno probabilmente passato e cercato di dimenticare. Ashley Collins sta cercando di scappare. Sebbene ogni giorno sogni di baciare appassionatamente un’altra ragazza di 17 anni, in realtà non ha amiche, non riesce a comunicare col mondo esterno, come se fosse tagliata fuori da tutto. Cerca di nascondere i piccoli tagli sulle sue braccia con magliette dalle maniche lunghe. Cerca sempre di nascondersi. Vincent, lo psicologo della scuola, non riesce a farla parlare, figuriamoci ad aiutarla. Sua madre, Stacey, è più concentrata sulla bottiglia e passa il suo tempo a fissare le foto del marito perduto, una perdita di cui incolpa Ashley. Ashley pensa che qualcosa potrebbe cambiare dopo il suo incontro con la giovane Vicky: si sono baciate e si sono tagliate reciprocamente il palmo della mano per scambiarsi il sangue. Ma per Vicky è una cosa troppo diffcile da gestire e Ashley torna in depressione. Pensa che non riuscirà mai ad entrare in intimità con qualcuno e si sente sempre più isolata. Un giorno viene insultata e picchiata da degli ex compagni di scuola per i tagli che si fa. Vorrebbe sempre fuggire ma non può. Vorrebbe non sentire più i gemiti di Stacey con la sua ultima scappatella che le arrivano attraverso la parete della stanza. Non può nemmeno scappare dalle diaboliche proposte di Bill per interiorizzare il suo dolore. Fino a quando incontra Candice, una donna più anziana di lei. In una chat online Candice riesce a strappare ad Ashley un sorriso che non aveva mai fatto prima. Nasce tra loro un intenso legame. Candice sarà la salvezza di cui Ashley ha bisogno? Riuscirà Hashley ad avere ancora fiducia in qualcuno?


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  1. Snoopyna

    Non male come storia peccato che il film sia un pò lentino e non ci siano molti dialoghi forse questo ha un pò penalizzato la pellicola. La storia sul finale sarebbe stato meglio approfondirla di più e creare complicità, mi piace quando le storie hanno un’evoluzione.


trailer: Ashley


A teenage girl, distraught from her vain attempt to connect with her estranged mother, resorts to cutting herself. When she develops an online relationship with an older woman, she learns to accept her sexuality and the endless solitude of sprawling suburbia.


“… This is the first film I’ve seen by director Dean Matthew Ronalds and I was really impressed by his handling of his subject matter, because while this type of story could have easily been turned into the ever-popular lesbo-erotic type of movie, claiming style as the motivation, he instead gives something way more interesting and also more rewarding. Ronalds is a director I’ll be keeping an eye out for in future and I expect more of the same from him, because I really did like his handling of this film. His choice of music was good and loved the way he used it to isolate Ashley as she shut the world out, not hearing anything, so all we can hear is the music.
Michael Madsen as mom’s new boyfriend Bill was a bit unnecessary, but bringing in a well known actor was probably needed to help sell the film. Madsen is making more movies than you could shake a low-budget stick at, and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Tax or something no doubt. Regardless, he was his usual OK self, but will always be, to me at least, “the guy who cut off the cops ear while doing a little shuffle,” character acting be damned.
Ashley has shut out the world ever since her dad died. She chats online to strangers, other women, seeking friendship or more but her mom isn’t exactly helping matters, by failing to try and properly communicate with her daughter and resorts to verbal and physical abuse at times. Ashley is seeing the school shrink, who, after noticing a cigarette burn on her arm, orders an evaluation done at her home with mom there. Stacy is very angry at this and threatens to take Ashley’s computer away as she continues to ignore and mess things up for her mother. Ashley is also gay but unable to convey her emotions properly, witnessed when she gets way too rough with her first female encounter, frightening the girl by pulling out a knife, wanting her to share in her pain, thanks to Ashley associating self-harming with eroticism. She is thought weird at school by almost everyone, but because of this, attracts unwanted attention by a couple of boys, both of whom are interesting but in extremely different ways. Group therapy and shrinks can’t help her, and there’s clearly something going on with her dread of men, but then she meets a like-minded woman online.
This wasn’t an easy film to watch, thanks to a wonderful performance by Nicole Fox, showing she was doing something right. And even though she had almost no dialogue, said it all and more with only her features. I hope this isn’t just her one good performance as I’d really like to see more from this promising young actor. She has a presence about her that demands to be noticed. Well I certainly noticed and now I want see some more.” (Nav Qateel,

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