Annul Victory

Annul Victory
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Annul Victory

Dall’esaltazione alla beffa. Nel giro di sei mesi (dal maggio al novembre 2008) la legge che in California garantiva il matrimonio ai gay e alle lesbiche, viene annullata con un referendum, (Proposition 8): migliaia di unioni celebrate nel frattempo non hanno più valore. Un documentario che si fa partecipe dei grandi moti emotivi della comunità americana, con una serie di testimonianze (tra le quali quelle di Cindy Lauper, Liza Minnelli, Sigourney Weaver).



trailer: Annul Victory


The film documents the roller coaster ride of emotions in California after the historical state Supreme Court decision in May of 2008, finding it unconstitutional to deny gays and lesbians the right to be married in the state, and then the passage of Proposition 8 in November, denying gays and lesbians marriage rights, and “annulling” thousands of marriages.

The story is told through the life and experiences of ROBIN TYLER and DIANE OLSON, one of the 14 couples involved in the historic litigation, with a look at some of the 18,000 couples who got married during the window of “legality” between May and November, with thought and commentary provided by a host of celebrities, including JAY LENO, BRUCE VILANCH, LIZA MINELLI, MARGARET CHO, LONI ANDERSON, CYNDI LAUPER, JANE LYNCH, SIGOURNEY WEAVER, JUDY SHEPARD, LESLIE JORDAN, PINK, KELLI OSBOURNE, ERIC McCORMACK, KATHRYN JOOSTEN, DANA DELANEY, ALEC MAPA, GEORGE TAKEI, REICHEN LEHMKUHL, CLEVE JONES, DEADLEE, SISTER UNITY, Mayor ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA, Mayor GAVIN NEWSOM and others.

At the heart of the documentary are 3 street marches that sprung up with the help of some web networking, where the youth of Los Angeles stood up and stopped traffic in the city to demand their civil rights. In one amazing display, some 12,000 protestors, after being herded around by the LAPD in a carefully controlled portion of Silverlake, pushed through several police barricades, ignoring demands to turn around and go home, and eventually joined some 4,000 other marchers, meeting up at the corner of Hollywood and Highland, where the crowd sat-in at the busy corner, shutting down the busiest artery in Hollywood on a Saturday night with a rally for equal rights.

The film has an inspirational soundtrack to match the compelling images, with anthems from ADELE, CYNDI LAUPER, DONNA SUMMER, MADONNA, STARDUST and MODEST MOUSE.

MANMADE anticipates this film to be the first in a series of documentaries on the now national struggle for full GLBT civil rights, with developments coming nearly every day, and a galvanized host of activists now fully involved in the struggle. Who could have imagined that a state legal decision, and the subsequent election referendum nullifying marriages for California gays and lesbians would so quickly lead to this national civil rights battle, that has suddenly put the issue of full equality front and center on the national stage? (sito ufficiale)

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